Catharsis™️ was born as a medium to showcase anxieties and humanoid paranoia in an art form, in which each creation contains evil and terrifying concept to it. However, each masterpiece also holds a deeper meaning to it that needs to be told. Therefore, Catharsis™️  is The Art of Fear and Anxiety.


I am someone who loves and appreciates art. Coincidentally, I also have an obscure sense of art. One day, I decided to pour my ideas and made creations in a form of apparel. I’m not just selling nonsense, I want this brand to fit into my ideology. A depiction of what my mind looks like. Kinda weird, but there you go.

- Godhead of Catharsis

Question What is Catharsis™️?
AnswerCatharsis means the purging or purification of emotions in which someone would feel reborn, with their soul cleansed.
Question Why do you chose dark/evil as a main concept?
AnswerBecause that’s what I like the most. That is what I’m into. As simple as that.
Question Does every story that Catharsis™️ is trying to tell has a negative or bad side to it?
AnswerNope. This is purely just an art that is showcased by choosing dark/evil/anxieties as its main concept. I deeply acknowledge that art comes in many forms.
Question Does Catharsis™️ set any goals?
AnswerMetalheads, Motorheads, family occasions, or even when you’re lounging on some café with your friends or taking a walk in the park, the goal is for Catharsis™️ to be worn everywhere and everytime because it’s meant to be that way. It’s a versatile kind of art.